Updated: May 16, 2020

If you don’t already know Melina Harris and Erik Kramer, listen up. These two play a spectrum of instruments each, perform in countless bands, and hosted a DIY venue in West Philly. They’re staples in punk-rock label Good How Are You Records’ lineups and tracked their new EP at the innovative Berlin Studios. So when we heard they had new music to release, we were all ears.

Together Erik and Melina are Rosemeat, a psych-folk duo often accompanied by Adam Shumpsky on drums and Sean Lally on guitar. Influenced by Big Thief and Radiohead, Rosemeat’s music is eclectic and emotional with ephemeral vocals and sweeping harmonies. Although Melina and Erik have been writing music together since 2015, their individual styles are distinct, and add a diversity of sound to this short but ambitious EP.

Their debut EP, Animal Drama, is available on Bandcamp now as part of a one-day promotion for artists in the corona virus era--100% of sales go directly into artists’ pockets. If you’re like me, and you’re ready to add new tracks to your well-worn quarantine playlist, all four of these new songs will make worthy additions (but my personal favorite is the funky “Shark Bite.”) Follow this link to listen for yourself.

by Paige Walter

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Welcome CVZ's very first video premiere! We're honored to present this beautiful and thoughtfully created video for the song, Oh My Love, by Little Flowers. The video itself is minimal and deceivingly simple, but when you dig a little deeper, you see how intentional every part of it really is.

The song begins as a one-sided perspective on the end of a relationship and evolves into an exploration of what our purpose is in this life. What drives us to make the choices that we do? Why do we do anything at all? Therese, singer and songwriter of Little Flowers, believes that we are all connected and in order to feel that connection with others, we need to "turn inward...meditating on what it means to be human, and what drives our actions and our words in each moment." What better time than a city-wide quarantine to take time to reflect in ourselves?

The video is a perfect representation of all that Therese wants to express in this song. The first time I saw the video, it reminded me of a meditation tool, something to help focus the mind, like a candle. It becomes a practice in self acceptance. The video parellels the uncomfortable feeling that sometimes happens during meditation, that we are lost or untethered. The glowing light in the video is not only meant to hold our focus, but also let us know that it's ok to feel like an untethered orb of light in the darkness while we try to get our shit together.

Without further adieu, we present: Oh My Love! Enjoy the video! You can listen to Little Flowers' full EP, Glitter, here!

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Resilient is another band of my dreams. If you haven't picked up on this yet, I feel forged in the memories of the Riot Grrrl culture. The vibes and the energy of the punk-y, grunge-y bands that existed for a purpose and had more to sing about than someone breaking their heart. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for a good love song, but give me something angry, something that pumps my blood and makes me think or calls me to action. That's what gets to me.

Resilient has gone through different iterations since the band formed in the summer of 2013, always including sisters, Erin and Katie Fox. The original line-up is back together with Buckminster Kellorgg and Kat Bohn reojoining the Fox sisters in November 2019. They recorded a new album at Studio North with Sean Reilly that will hopefully be released this summer!

Today, Resilient released their music video for the first single, Superior. The song is about the aggravation and disappointment Erin feels toward our current administration. How these leaders are careless, their treatment of others trickles down, it presents the masses with the impression that it's ok to treat people poorly, to act "superior" to others. She points out that "even though we're all human, humanity seems to be often lacking."

Because of our current social distancing restrictions, the video was not shot a traditional manner. Instead, friend of the band, Isaac Forde put together a "quarantine-style" video, resulting in a nostalgic, 90's aesthetic. The video cuts back and forth between snippets from current news stories and single shots of each band member. It's a true DIY masterpiece.

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