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CVZ Premieres: You Do You New Single "Ours"

If you love Phish, the B-52s, and Janis Joplin, then it’s time you checked out Philly locals You Do You. Since 2012, Katie Feeney and her accompanying band of jazz musicians have been producing 70s-inspired dance and funk tunes and performing all around the city. What sets You Do You apart from their musical influences is their contemporary lyrical themes based on Katie’s experience as an environmental activist. You Do You’s latest songs are teeming with the frustration and struggle of passing climate change legislation in today’s political hellscape, but they’re still poised with optimism and strength.

The new record Funky Dinos, a political concept album, comes out this September. To prepare for its release, CVZ is proud to present the single “Ours.” It’s a soul romp into self-awareness complete with goosebump-raising flute solos. We recommend watching the band perform this tune live at Kung Fu Necktie at the link below for the whole experience; You Do You’s electric stage presence makes their music come alive. Stay tuned to their Instagram @youdoyoumusic for more live show dates and release information. “Ours” was recorded at Sleepless Sound Studios and Retro City Studios, and was engineered by Brendan McGeehan and Vince Tampio. The track features Katie Feeney on vocals, Drew Parker on guitar, Alex Baranowsi on bass, Aaron Boczkowski on drums, Vince Tampio on trumpet, Gabe Preston on sax, and Benjamin James on keys.

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