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Fruut Premieres New EP: Fruut Juice Pt. 1

When we first saw Fruut open for Lylyly and Spirithaus at Rumba Club last December, we didn’t know what to expect. Maybe another indie rocker? Another guitarist front-person backed by bass and drums would have made for a congruent bill. Instead, the performer was solo, accompanied not by live instruments, but a looped synth beat. As Fruut performed her first two songs, we realized we were in for a performance not often experienced in the venues we frequent. Fruut’s melodic rapping and larger-than-life performance style were the surprise hit of the evening.

Fruut is the project of songwriter Dani Mullen, who started making music in her bedroom five years ago. Her style and sound have recently outgrown the confines of her home and moved into the studio with producer FortuneWest. Her new EP, Fruut Juice Pt. 1 (CLICK HERE TO LISTEN), which comes out today, represents that growth. She describes the songs as being the start of a new chapter. “I recently came out and that has really changed my perception of myself and my relationships in such an amazing way,” Dani says. Personal and musical growth go hand-in-hand for Dani, and the new EP shows the rewards of both.

Dani’s personality is unbounded on Fruut Juice Pt. 1. She says most of all, she’s proud of the shift in style her music has taken. It’s more “upbeat, raw, and experimental” than ever before. For more shining examples of Fruut’s fun-loving personality, follow her on Instagram @fruutmusic. There you’ll find charming selfies and personal updates among show dates and release announcements. Most notably, Fruut announced the video premiere for “She Wants Me Over” directed by Alex Garcia. The video follows two partners in crime throughout a seedy motel on a heist for, not money or other valuables, but candy. A pillow case-worth’s of coveted Halloween treats. 

Fruut is performing as part of CVZ’s February residency at Ortlieb’s on 2/19. Mark this one on your calendar because you’re not going to want to miss it. Need further motivation to come out? The show is FREE. We’ll see you there. 

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