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Godcaster Releases Quite an Album, "Long Haired Locusts"

Godcaster released their debut LP yesterday, Long Haired Locusts, which they describe as “full of crazy rock gymnastics, filled with the lead singer/guitarist Judson Kolk's psycho-sexual fantasy worlds, which is also reflected in the incredible album art that accompanies each release.” They tell us that their only influence is Led Zeppelin, but we’re hearing a wholeeee bunch of other artists, the most obvious being Of Montreal and Tame Impala. (Which, if we’re being real, were probably also influenced by Led Zeppelin in one way or another).


With song titles like Apparition of Mother Mary in my Neighborhood and Christ in Capsule Form reminiscent of early 2000’s pop-punk darlings like Fall Out Boy and Panic! At the Disc, it’s clear that these guys are genuinely having a good time writing these songs. That energy and light-hearted attitude really shines through on the album as well as through our interview with Judson. They seem to know exactly what they want, they have a single-minded focus, and they’re doing whatever it takes to achieve the “biggest sound.”

When did you start playing music? What inspired you to start playing and writing your own music?

The mustard seed of this band was set into motion a long time ago when Bruce (bass guitar) and I (Judson Kolk) were children in approximately 2007. We've had all kinds of bands and there's been a revolving door of characters involved, but that's all done now. Now we stomp. Now we are Godcaster. Bruce and I were very fortunate to grow up in homes and with parents that celebrated and encouraged art and music. Slowly our childlike eyes opened wider and wider to the sound and power and like so many others we were enlightened to build our own music.

Who was involved in the making of the album?

The band Godcaster is: Judson Kolk (vox, guitar), David Mcfaul (keys, vox), Von Lee (vox, flute, tambourine), Bruce Ebersole (bass guitar, vox), and Sam Pickard (drums, percussion).

Live and recording collaborators have included: Lindsay Dobbs (trombone, vox), Bailey Wollowitz (trumpet, vox, slide guitar, tambourine, percussion), Jan Fontana (bass guitar), Dom D'Altilio (bass guitar) and Will Lauzon (guitar)

Recording Engineers have included: Ryan Power, Jack Hubbel and Will Lauzon

We recorded our forthcoming record "Long Haired Locusts" in a Philadelphia basement with the tall and fantastic Ryan Power

How do you describe your sound? Who or what influences your sound?

Strong and loud. Led Zeppelin.

What themes did you explore in these songs?

Carnal sciences, big schemes.

What are your proudest accomplishments with music?

Playing with Of Montreal and Guerilla Toss and driving through the desert and around the country.

What’s your songwriting process? Words before lyrics, or vice versa? Do you have to be at home, or do things come to you in pieces when you’re out?

I (Judson) write song skeletons on acoustic guitar with all the chords, some melodies, and no words and then we proceed to build them into hulking structures as a rock band. Words come very last after long periods of songful utterances. I don't have to be at home. Things come to me in pieces when I'm out.

What are your goals with music? What kind of future do you imagine for yourself?

Our Quest and thirst is for the biggest sound. It's hard to get loud. I mean, truly loud. The kind of loud that lifts and fills you. Few have done it, and Godcaster intends to! We imagine a future of living on the coin of our export: rock music.

Is there anything that I didn't ask that you'd like our readers to know?

Soon Godcaster will be one of the loudest rock groups. Thank you!


If you’re one of the first 50 people to buy the album, you also get a book of some wild, original artwork by Judson himself. You can listen the the album HERE and follow Godcaster on Ingstagram HERE!

By: Kristen Levine

Original Photo by: Michael Todaro (@michaeltodaro)

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