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Little Flowers's Debut EP Glitter Reinvents 00's Indie Pop

In their deput EP Glitter, Little Flowers makes the mundane magical. The opening track, “Oh My Love”, describes an ordinary room that housed powerful memories. Singer songwriter Thérèse poetically shows how love can shape one’s sense of place. She recounts broken promises made with the purest of intentions, and reflects on them without bitterness or anger, but with hope. “Oh My Love” sets the thematic tone of the EP; it’s a mature and light-hearted perspective on lost love and self-discovery.

Glitter is catchy and easy-going, the perfect soundtrack for watching the leaves change color or grabbing coffee with an old friend. Thérèse’s dreamy voice is reminiscent of starry-eyed female pop from the early aughts, and the accompanying acoustic guitar is soft but intentional. It’s the kind of easy-going pop music that’s sweet upon first listen, but more complex with every repeat listen. Little Flower’s sun-dappled tunes pull the listener into what superficially feels like catchy indie pop, but keeps them coming back for the unraveling lyrical themes and breadth of emotion.

Thérèse says she writes from personal experiences with the hope that it will “help someone process something in their life, too.” This level of cathartic writing serves a two-fold purpose. Initially, it’s a therapeutic way for the artist herself to unload and analyze feelings. And when the music is released, the goal is to bring listeners the same kind of comfort. I couldn’t help but see myself and past relationships in the narratives she creates. The beauty of Thérèse’s songwriting is that her stories are vague enough that a wide audience can relate, but detailed enough to paint a specific picture.

Listening to Glitter is an experience that becomes more rewarding each time. The three-minute average long songs make this EP digestible and easy to play on repeat. If you’re facing heartbreak, growing pains, or any other kind of bittersweet life changes, this album will resonate for you. With a debut this strong, Little Flowers is bound to put out even more powerful music in the future, and we at CVZ are here for it. Glitter comes out today on Spotify.

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