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Party Muscles - Does it Even Matter

Colin and Tyler of Party Muscles met working at Creep Records on 2nd St. After discovering their shared music taste, they quickly developed a friendship. Picture Empire Records, just a couple decades later. Outside of work, the two formed a band influenced by their power pop heroes: The Strokes and Parquet Courts. The resulting sound is comparably catchy, dancy, and just plain fun. There’s a distinctly Philly edge to it, however. Their debut LP, Does It Even Matter, (click here to listen!) elicits the feeling of long summer nights spent drinking beer in lawn chairs, taking a smoke break with friends between sets, and not caring about sweating through your black skinny jeans in the August heat.

The opening track, She Goes to Juilliard, sets the mood of the record. It’s the tale of unrequited love, or rather, a one-sided fling, complete with a catchy chorus and anthem-worthy lyrics. “I don’t wanna be your secret / but you don’t wanna be anything more than that.” The heavier subject matter on the record, such as heartache and growing pains, is shrugged off with powerful guitar riffs and danceable melodies in light-hearted garage rock style. Peruvian Sunshine is another example. “This heart bleeding no emotion” sung deadpan over one of the record’s trickiest guitar lines showcases the band’s technical ability and tells a story we all can relate to.

The whole record, comprised of 3 minute digestible pop-rock jaunts, is an easy listen that’s sure to stick with you long after the first listen. You can listen to Party Muscles now on Spotify or Bandcamp. Better yet, come out to one of the band’s Ortlieb’s residency dates on Thursday nights starting 8/15. Stay for a drink with the band and enjoy a chat with some of Philly’s nicest guys. We’ll see you there!

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