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Quarantine Pairings: Eliza Edens, Coleman Rigg, Starter Jacket, American Trappist & Tubey Frank

Week 2 of Quarantine Pairings is brought to you by homemade cookies and 3rd day sweatpants.

"I'm No Prisoner of Time" by Eliza Edens

Artist: Eliza Edens

For Fans of: Julie Byrne, Adrianne Lenker, boygenius

Quarantine Pairing: Find a patch of grass or a tree or some semblance of nature for this one. We highly recommend connecting to some greenery and listening to this one with your eyes closed and your headphones on.

"Too Close" by Coleman Rigg

Artist: Coleman Rigg

For Fans of: Arctic Monkeys, Muse, The Strokes

Quarantine Pairing: Listen to this song while going outside for "essential activities" such as grocery shopping and pharmacy visits. It's just the right tone to keep you alert, and the repeated lyric, "too close," is a constant reminder to stand 6 feet apart from the nearest human being.

"Skin" by StarterJacket

Artist: Starterjacket

For Fans of: Beck, The XX, War on Drugs

Quarantine Pairings: listen to this while sippin' tequila on the rocks

"Losing my Grip" by American Trappist

Artist: American Trappist For Fans of: Bright Eyes, Arcade Fire, Avett Brothers Quarantine Pairing: listen to this song while watching a thunderstorm (preferably with a cat but we're flexible on that).

"Hills of Will" by Tubey Frank

Artist: Tubey Frank

For Fans of: Suuns, The Kinks, Wilco

Quarantine Pairing: listen to this while experiencing your daily morning panic attack. It matches your energy level ever so nicely and than transitions your panic into a lovely feeling of controlled chaos.

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