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Quarantine Pairings: Martronimous, melvin darrell & Samryebread, Rosemeat, and Sean Danger Smith

We've got a couple of new and semi-new singles for ya on this rainy Tuesday (yes, we're still keeping track of the days of the week)!

"Hush" By Martronimous (feat. Duns)

**SPECIAL NOTE** we do not the actual single on this page for a reason! Martronimous created this song because of COVID-19. It addresses the slowing-to-a-halt pace of life that we are all experiencing together and all proceeds from their Bandcamp sales go to the National Domestic Workers Alliance- Coronavirus Care Fund. You can listen to it HERE!

Artist: Martronimous For Fans of: Disclosure, Phantogram, FKA Twigs Quarantine Pairings: listen to this song while preparing a nice French Press and patting yourself on the back for saving the world in your loungewear.

"Grease Fire" by Melvin Darrell - featuring Samryebread

Artist: Melvin Darrell / Samryebread

For Fans of: Thao and the Get Down Stay Down, Vita and the Woolf, Amy Winehouse

Quarantine Pairings: We're gonna get real with ya on this one. Throw this song on in the background and set the mood RIGHT for that Facetime sex session you've got planned this week. We see you.

"Thought So" by Rosemeat

Artist: Rosemeat

For Fans of: Big Thief, Julia Jacklin, Better Oblivion Community Center

Quarantine Pairing: Yoga! It's not just for those perfectly filtered Instagram influencers! Try it out while listening to this new tune!

"SpaceCamp" by Sean Danger Smith

Artist: Sean Danger Smith (check out his label's Bandcamp HERE!)

For Fans of: Counting Crows, John Mayer, Damien Rice

Quarantine Pairing: Listen to this song while picking up some kind of needle craft! We recommend embroidering or crocheting, but knitting and cross-stitching ain't bad either.

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