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Quarantine Pairings: WAX WAV, Tubey Frank, Barney Cortez, Best Bear and mw

Hello lovelies! We would like to present to you a new series where we suggest the best quarantine activities to do while you listen to these super talented Philly artists.

"You Never Know" by WAX WAV

Artist: WAX WAV

For Fans of: War on Drugs, The Outfield, Arcade Fire

Quarantine Pairing: listen to this while going on that run you've been avoiding. Excellent tempo. You'll still hate running, but you'll be pleasantly distracted while you're on the move.

"Hell House" by Tubey Frank

Artist: Tubey Frank

For Fans of: Gorillaz, Radiohead, Japanese Breakfast

Quarantine Pairing: Make your bed. Open all your blinds and curtains, really let the sun in (it MUST be a sunny day). Now lay on your bed, close your eyes, and listen.

"Low" by Barney Cortez

Artist: Barney Cortez

For Fans of: Bailen, Chainsmokers, the song Old Town Road

Quarantine Pairing: listen to this song while solo puzzling. Go to town on a 1000 piece sucker in solitude and put this on repeat.

"T.M.W.Y" by Best Bear

Artist: Best Bear

For Fans of: Bad Bad Hats, Honeyblood, Illuminati Hotties

Quarantine Pairing: listen to this song while switching out your closet. Pack away those winter sweaters and jackets and bring out the cute spring clothes that no one will get to see!

"chicken, hey" by mw

Artist: mw

For Fans of: Grateful Dead, Fruit Bats, Weird Al

Quarantine Pairing: Listen to this song while getting crafty!! Do a DIY project! We highly recommend tie-dying. Half of our wardrobes are now psychedelic chic and we could not be happier.

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