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Rosemeat Releases Debut EP, Animal Drama

Updated: May 16, 2020

If you don’t already know Melina Harris and Erik Kramer, listen up. These two play a spectrum of instruments each, perform in countless bands, and hosted a DIY venue in West Philly. They’re staples in punk-rock label Good How Are You Records’ lineups and tracked their new EP at the innovative Berlin Studios. So when we heard they had new music to release, we were all ears.

Together Erik and Melina are Rosemeat, a psych-folk duo often accompanied by Adam Shumpsky on drums and Sean Lally on guitar. Influenced by Big Thief and Radiohead, Rosemeat’s music is eclectic and emotional with ephemeral vocals and sweeping harmonies. Although Melina and Erik have been writing music together since 2015, their individual styles are distinct, and add a diversity of sound to this short but ambitious EP.

Their debut EP, Animal Drama, is available on Bandcamp now as part of a one-day promotion for artists in the corona virus era--100% of sales go directly into artists’ pockets. If you’re like me, and you’re ready to add new tracks to your well-worn quarantine playlist, all four of these new songs will make worthy additions (but my personal favorite is the funky “Shark Bite.”) Follow this link to listen for yourself.

by Paige Walter

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