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Slomo Sapiens Releases Oddly Topical New Album "Cabin Fever Dreams"

Kinda goes without saying, but pretty much everything is uncertain right now.  It can be difficult to handle, especially when suddenly we’ve all found ourselves with an incredible amount of free time to just be alone with our thoughts.  We hope we can offer you a momentary distraction from this fucked up situation, while also potentially helping you process all of this. That being said, we present to you the eerily topical new album by  Slomo Sapiens, Cabin Fever Dreams.  Itis a concept album about isolation and losing one’s mind, following a character who is trapped in a cabin located “on the border of ‘Sanity’ and ‘Lala Land,' deep in the uncharted back-woods of the mind.”  

As a hypochondriac living in this pandemic-fueled world, I welcome anything that will distract my anxious mind from thinking about this virus.  Cabin Fever Dreams really got me out of my own head.  This grunge-y, psychedelic album is truly a “tune in, drop out” kind of album.  20 seconds into the intro track, Between the Walls, and your body will already be feeling relaxed.  By the time you're 3 songs in you’ll feeling a strange sense of relief wash over ya.  Get to the middle of the album and you might not even be sure where you exist in time anymore.  Let yourself unravel a bit, the rest of the album will sew you back up. By the end of the album you’ll feel like a new you. A better you? We can’t say for sure, but definitely new.  

And be sure to follow Slomo Sapiens on instagram here.  We can’t wait to hear this one live! Catch them at Johnny Brenda's for their record release show on August 28th with Ali Awan, Grace Vonderkuhn and Dominy!  

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