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Tunes from the Quarantine #1: Rachel Andie

Hey, everyone—We’re changing things up here at CVZ for the next few weeks. With all the music venues closed due to COVID-19, we’re hoping to create a virtual one here at We’ll be featuring videos daily of artists stuck at home, most of whom had to cancel upcoming shows and tours due to the pandemic. We hope these videos fill a live music void in your heart while we’re all social distancing. For our family and friends who’ve lost their jobs due to the virus, we encourage you to apply for unemployment here. Stay safe out there, everyone. For your sake and for the sake of others.

Without further ado, we present Rachel Andie’s enchanting cover of Big Thief’s U.F.OF. Rachel’s voice and personal style fit that of Big Thief’s discography eerily well, so I knew right away this cover would be haunting, but it’s even better than expected. Thank you to Rachel for sharing this beautiful video with us, and for being a light in this chaotic cloud. Please share some love in the comments.

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