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Tunes From the Quarantine Episode #11: Full Set by Trash Boy


Tomorrow night, Trash Boy was meant to play a show at Ortlieb's (WE MISS YOU SO MUCH ORTLIEB'S) with Ramona and Typesetter (thanks Facebook for reminding me about an event that doesn't exist anymore). Obviously, the ideal scenario would be that we all wake up from this collective nightmare tomorrow and meet up at the bar to discuss how fucking crazy it is that we all had the same dream. But since that seems unlikely (but would help prove my theory that we're all existing in some kind of manipulatable simulation) we present you with the next best thing: a full set by Trash Boy!

Last week, Trash Boy hooked up with the saints over at Musicians 4 Bernie to do a livestream show. See their set below! And follow these cool kids on Facebook and Instagram for all those good, good updates.

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