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Tunes from the Quarantine Episode #5: Alexxis and the Medicine, "The Medicine"

Another week begins in quarantine for Philadelphia. We hope everyone is looking after their physical and mental health. What are some ways you've found to keep your spirits high while practicing social distancing? Today, I found comfort in playing music, cooking, and spending quality time with my roommates. And I especially enjoyed today's submission from Alexxis and the Medicine. This rockin' tune features Alexis Cunningham on lead vocals, Danny Black on lead guitar, zine alum Arjun Dube on drums, Bo Rains on bass, and Jay Davidson on keys and sax. Not to mention, the video was shot (pre-quarantine) by our dear friend and collaborator Skyler Jenkins. A powerhouse video indeed. Thanks for tuning in and weathering the storm, so to speak, with us online. Enjoy, and share if you love it!

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