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Tunes From the Quarantine Episode # 7: Danny Black

One of my favorite experiences in life is the odd and sudden realization that something or someone has been a constant, underlying thread in your life. I have been a fan of Daniel Schwartz since I was 18 years old and I didn't even know it. My best friend added the song Coney Island to a mix CD for me when I was a freshman in college (with no track listing or band info). I loved that song so much but I never knew who sang it until I was 22 and happened to go to an XPN Free at Noon concert where I heard him play the song live with his band, Good Old War. Now as a 29 year old, I am posting three videos from from Daniel, under the name Danny Black, for the music zine I created. Life is weird and cool and sometimes, even in the midst of a pandemic, it can make me smile. Here they are! Hope they make you smile, too.

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