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VIDEO PREMIERE: Infinite Haircut by Tangled Up

photo by Chris Sikich (Counterfeed)

Tangled Up’s “Infinite Haircut” has been buzzing around the Philly community for about a month now. The new single from their EP Silk Embroidered Light, due out February 18th, has a lot to say. “I’m taking your fortune / I’m calling it mine,” is just one of the provocative lines brought to melody and rhythm by some of favorite local shit-stirrers and up-and-comers Tangled Up.

The four-piece hard rock group is a supergroup led by members of Grace Vonderkuhn and Eyebawl doing what comes most natural to them: creating raucous noise with a penchant for catchy, thrashing riffs and freak-out moments. Tangled Up first caught the attention of CVZ back in October of 2020, when we teamed up with the band and PowerCycle Sound to record a live set at Rockdale Studios. Since then, the band has been writing and recording their new EP for cassette label Knife Hits Records.

Out today as a CVZ exclusive is the new video for single “Infinite Haircut.” Available a day early on our website, the video is even stranger than director and vocalist Dave McGrory promised. With overlaid images of the band performing and warped and discolored images, “Infinite Haircut” gets new dimensions in the self-produced video.

Watch below for the full video, and get tickets for Tangled Up’s EP release show at Original 13 presented by buds 4333 Collective on February 24th here. For a taste of what’s to come, our live sessions with Tangled Up are available on our YouTube page and IG TV. AND you can pre-order Silk Embroidered Light here!

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