Headroom Studios

What’s your history? When were you founded, who was involved, and why did you choose that specific location?

Joe and I (Kyle) have been friends since our senior year in college. Our go to story about this time was that we were both in a class together in the fall; Joe had a crooked lip ring, and I had an ironic stupid looking Sting-like mullet after having long hair for some time. We were initially very suspicious of one another but we were into the same kind of music, and got to know each other. We ran into each other at a basement show. It was literally the first time I had seen a classmate at a DIY gig so we figured the other must be cool. We just generally had a similar approach to life in that we both kind of just wanted to do our own thing, and we became fast friends. A couple years later, we moved into a big warehouse with 8 other people in north Philly who were also musicians and artists and began to collect gear and turned the extra room that was used a rehearsal space into what would become Headroom. 6 years later in 2014 we moved all of our stuff into a commercial space that had been outfitted to be a recording studio and thats where we are today. 

What was your mission in starting a studio? 

We wanted to create a space that was focused on making great art and music and being a resource for a community in Philadelphia. It started out as a place for ourselves, our friends, roommates, and friends bands to make music but has expanded into a space where artist all over the city, country, and world have come to make music. We also have had a great many interns over the years learning about making music and records; many have either returned as clients or artists, or have stayed on to become producers, engineers, or assistants themselves. Nothing makes us more proud than seeing great records being released that Joe and I had nothing to do with. Its nice to know that we've been able to bring some people along on this crazy trip. 

Who is your ideal clientele? What artists are you best equipped to work with? 

Our ideal clientele is any band or artist that is serious about digging deep to make the best record they can make and who want to let others into their process to make it a team effort. Honestly, with all the different instruments, gear and software we have, not to mentioned the diverse talents of our crew, we can work with pretty much any genre from country, to indie rock to trap. A lot of the records we're best known for definitely fall into the Indie/Punk category, but we're always trying push the envelope of production and genre. 

How do you find artists to work with? 

Honestly, most of them come find us because of the records we work on, but there are some bands that I will reach out to if I think they'd make a good fit. We also make a fair amount of connections by being active musicians ourselves who play out and about. 

3 artists you’re proud to have worked with:

Whoa, hard question! 

well there are two ways of looking at the list. I'm proud of bands like Hop Along, Mo Lowda and the Humble or LizDelise because those are band comprised of our friends and team members who have grown along with the studio. On the other hand, its been great to have made new friends and worked with clients like Remo Drive, Kississippi, Adult Mom, or Modern Baseball especially because you can see a real before and after in their careers vis a vie the records they made here at Headroom. 

What are your rates for a day? Or what kind of budget do you expect artists to have for an LP recording?

We take pride in our ability to work with artists at all different levels in their career, from someone making their first demo to a band doing their 3rd LP for a big label. Costs vary from project to project but a good starting point is that we can do a day of recording anywhere from 250-650/day. As far as an LP - a band starting out could save up 2-3k, work quickly and get a record they could be proud of. A more established band would probably want more time in the studio, and so would probably want to have a bigger budget. 


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