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Joshua Chase Miller's New EP Made Me Cry in my Car in a Good Way

Morning commutes suck. Sitting in traffic on 95 south is not exactly my favorite way to pass time, but it does give me time to listen to new music. Usually if I’m crying while driving to work, they’re angry tears, but this morning they were emotional, uplifting tears caused by the beautiful new EP, Mend, by Joshua Chase Miller. Sixty seconds into the first song and I’m already feeling some sort of way. I haven’t even had time to process the lyrics or the meaning, but the song is already eliciting an emotional response from me. That’s how ya know it’s a good one.

We were lucky enough to chat with Josh about Mend, the meaning behind the lyrics and what he hopes people get out of his music! Each song is very unique but also cohesive in how they feel throughout the EP. Josh tells us the the songs were all written at different times over a couple years but they definitely all have a common thread. And while the songs sound like they are addressing another person, they are actually conversations that Josh feels he needs to have with himself. “All of the songs are somewhat about reflection and trying to figure out how to make a situation better for yourself, no matter what that situation may be.” Interestingly, the main themes that Josh addresses are self reflection and coping mechanisms, writing the songs themselves is almost a form of therapy.

I think that the lyrics allow the listener to apply their own meaning to each song. The exact story or situation is not obvious and laid out for you, and that is Josh’s intention. “The main thing I hope people get out of listening to my music is whatever they’re looking for, whether it be hope, solace, self reflection, etc.” It’s like free therapy for us lucky listeners!

Everything about Mend is beautiful. The lyrics, the singing, the instrumental arrangements, it all comes together to create a mood altering experience. Josh tells us that it was absolutely a group effort when it came to recording, “My buddy Allen Tate produced the EP and basically did whatever he needed to do to help me get out of my head, and bring the songs to life. Tyler McDiarmid engineered the EP and I’m so thankful for that. He was so great to work with and knew exactly what needed to be done to achieve the sound we wanted for the EP. Michael Hanf did all of the percussion on the songs. He’s one of my favorite drummers so it was a huge honor to have him on the EP. Stephen Chen played baritone sax on everything, and John Brandon played trumpet. Their ability to play their instruments is seriously unreal. They were able to work with me and figure out some of the ridiculous charts I wrote up (sorry guys). After everything was done with tracking, Kyle Joseph mixed and mastered the EP. I went into his studio and I was able to just sit back and listen to his mixes and I was absolutely floored. Having this cast of people working with me HUGELY influenced how this EP turned out. Originally “Visitors” didn’t have any drums on it. He had Mike just go nuts on the drum kit at the end and that was clearly the right choice.They’re all so good at what they do, and beyond capable of doing what was needed, and it was an honor to work with them.”

Josh’s EP release show is tomorrow night (September 21) at Bourbon and Branch with Rubber and Sophie Coran!! Find tickets here, and listen the Mend here!!

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