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Little Flowers Premieres Video for "Oh My Love"

Welcome CVZ's very first video premiere! We're honored to present this beautiful and thoughtfully created video for the song, Oh My Love, by Little Flowers. The video itself is minimal and deceivingly simple, but when you dig a little deeper, you see how intentional every part of it really is.

The song begins as a one-sided perspective on the end of a relationship and evolves into an exploration of what our purpose is in this life. What drives us to make the choices that we do? Why do we do anything at all? Therese, singer and songwriter of Little Flowers, believes that we are all connected and in order to feel that connection with others, we need to "turn inward...meditating on what it means to be human, and what drives our actions and our words in each moment." What better time than a city-wide quarantine to take time to reflect in ourselves?

The video is a perfect representation of all that Therese wants to express in this song. The first time I saw the video, it reminded me of a meditation tool, something to help focus the mind, like a candle. It becomes a practice in self acceptance. The video parellels the uncomfortable feeling that sometimes happens during meditation, that we are lost or untethered. The glowing light in the video is not only meant to hold our focus, but also let us know that it's ok to feel like an untethered orb of light in the darkness while we try to get our shit together.

Without further adieu, we present: Oh My Love! Enjoy the video! You can listen to Little Flowers' full EP, Glitter, here!

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