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Resilient is Getting the Band Back Together with "Superior"

Resilient is another band of my dreams. If you haven't picked up on this yet, I feel forged in the memories of the Riot Grrrl culture. The vibes and the energy of the punk-y, grunge-y bands that existed for a purpose and had more to sing about than someone breaking their heart. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for a good love song, but give me something angry, something that pumps my blood and makes me think or calls me to action. That's what gets to me.

Resilient has gone through different iterations since the band formed in the summer of 2013, always including sisters, Erin and Katie Fox. The original line-up is back together with Buckminster Kellorgg and Kat Bohn reojoining the Fox sisters in November 2019. They recorded a new album at Studio North with Sean Reilly that will hopefully be released this summer!

Today, Resilient released their music video for the first single, Superior. The song is about the aggravation and disappointment Erin feels toward our current administration. How these leaders are careless, their treatment of others trickles down, it presents the masses with the impression that it's ok to treat people poorly, to act "superior" to others. She points out that "even though we're all human, humanity seems to be often lacking."

Because of our current social distancing restrictions, the video was not shot a traditional manner. Instead, friend of the band, Isaac Forde put together a "quarantine-style" video, resulting in a nostalgic, 90's aesthetic. The video cuts back and forth between snippets from current news stories and single shots of each band member. It's a true DIY masterpiece.

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