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New Music by You Do You

It’s starting to get REAL cold out there, but You Do You is warming us up with their new single Live It Up. This song is the musical equivalent to sitting by a crackling, cozy fire. It warms your heart and lifts your spirit, AND it makes you hot chocolate. What more could you want?

The band has been hard at work on the 11 song album since the release of their 2017 EP, Political Party, which (if you haven’t guessed already by the aptly chosen title) explores political themes. Live It Up is the first song off the upcoming full length concept album, Funky Dinos. It feels like it transports the listener to a different time, all the while discussing current issues. Katie Feeney, lead singer for the band, tells us that she was motivated to write about the current political climate by her own experience as an environmental activist (no pun intended there). Funky Dinos was recorded at Sound Plan Productions, Brolik AND Retro City Sound System, “y’know, where Lizzo records, NBD” Katie casually mentions to us. The entire album was mixed and mastered by Lucas Kozinski at Sleepless Sound Studio.

We’re already excited for the 2020 release of this album, but You Do You is giving us even more goodies by way of an accompanying full length visual concept that “tells an apocalyptic story of dinosaurs and wizards.” We don’t know what that means but we’re here for it!

You can follow You Do You on instagram here and facebook here! Check out the new single, Live It Up, below!

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