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Oldermost’s No Time is a Time Capsule Treasure

A few weeks ago, I crowdsourced the answer to what I should be listening to on a long-distance drive. The irony is, the perfect record was waiting for me in my inbox. Classic rock group Oldermost had just sent CVZ their latest EP, No Time. It’s a rock record thick with nostalgia but with a new quality of “atmosphericana”—perfect for listening while speeding down an empty country highway.

To add to the Americana vibe even more, the EP was recorded live in a converted Masonic lodge in South Jersey. It should come as no surprise that these band mates have been friends now for over a decade; it’s evident in how insync the different parts are, as if the musicians are intuiting each other’s sonic reactions. Guitarist Bradford Bucknum describes No Time’s recording session as “capturing the live in-studio energy of a good band on a good day.”

My personal favorite tune off the new EP is the closer, “Nothing She Cannot Do.” The message is powerful and delivered in a catchy way. The whole track sounds like a heavier, punchier tune from The War on Drugs’ Lost In the Dream.

You can listen to No Time out today on Spotify! Follow Oldermost on Instagram for more news.

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