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Oof Records Compilation Features Philly Faves Swim Camp, Adult Mom

If there's one thing I've learned working in the DIY scene, it's the power of friendship. Oof Records, an independent tristate-area label, understands this, too. The label was formed last fall by best friends Ava Mirzadegan and David V. Britton with the mission of supporting friends' bands and cultivating a "comfy cozy niche within the music world." In March, Oof released their first cassette compilation of participating bands, which include CVZ faves Swim Camp and Adult Mom. The DC-based label also features two Philly artists new to the zine: Yardley and Michael Cormier, whose songs on Compilation #1 stand out for their spacey, lo-fi effects and Yardley's distinctly-Philly "talky" vocals.

If you're feeling lonely during this quarantine, we highly recommend giving Compilation #1 a listen--you can literally hear the friendship. We recommend giving this one a once-through active listen, then playing it in the background as you prepare dinner or read a book in a sunny spot.

You can listen here on Bandcamp, and stay tuned to @oofrecords on Instagram for updates.

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